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willfoster's Journal

Will Foster
7 August
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Welcome to my life.

I'm Will Foster. Ravenclaw, honorary prefect, ex-head boy, charms expert, cat-lover, horserider, shite-pop-fanatic, piano aficionado, affirmed homosexual, and damn proud of every single one. *grin*

So, what do you want to know? Well... I'm a wizard. Suppose that's pretty obvious, eh?

I have a brother I hate and two sisters I adore. Richard and Caroline are twins... Richard is the Evil Twin, obviously. They're seven years older than me. I've no idea what Richard's doing (something utterly tedious, I'm sure), because after he got married and impregnated his odious wife with his odious sperm, he decided he'd had enough of us and moved to America so he could raise his odious brats in a less homosexual society. Heh. I hope they all grow up to be camp and promiscuous. But enough of that, it turns my stomach. Caroline is great! She's so cool, I can't put it into words. She refuses to pin herself down to any one job or one man... too impatient, I think. Gets bored so quickly, and nothing and nobody can keep up with the pace at which she wants to live her life. She and Richard are Muggles (so's Mum, and the twins' father), but she's really into the wizarding world. Right now she's working as a Muggle-wizard liaison for the Prophet, but there's no telling how long that'll last. She was a concert pianist two months ago. She could drop everything next week to work behind a bar, and it wouldn't surprise anybody.

My other sister is my real sister, people say, but I hate that. They're both my real sisters, it's just that Frances and I have the same father. She's twenty-two, training to be a mediwitch at St. Mungo's. Her husband Christian is ludicrously Hot, but they've been together for years and he's more like my brother than Richard, so there's no lusting. (Euw!) Besides, Fran'd kill me. *grin* She'd know how to do it properly, as well. Never mess with a mediwitch, people.

AND BESIDES, I have my own ludicrously Hot boyfriend. Noel. In the immortal words of Will's Biggest most Fanboyish Non-Sexual crush, a.k.a. Miss Tori Amos:

where the river crosses the lake,
where the words jump off my pen and into your pages,
do you think, just like that, you can divide this,
you as yours, me as mine, to before we were us?

if the rain has to separate from itself,
does it say 'pick out your cloud'?

if there is a horizontal line
that runs from the map, off your body,
straight through the land,
shooting up right through my heart,
will this hrizontal line, when asked,
know how to find where you end, where i begin?
'pick out your cloud.'

how light can play and form a ring of rain
that can change bows into arrows.
who we were isn't lost before we were us.
indigo is his own. blue always knew this.

if the rain has to separate from itself,
does it say 'pick out your cloud'?

End Sap.

More stuff, more stuff... I can never think what to say on these things. Okay. Umm... well, when I'm not at Hogwarts, I live with Mum and Dad in Yorkshire. Mum's a Muggle, like I said before, but she has her own particular brand of magic which is more special than anything I could ever do. She's an artist. She illustrates books, mostly, but she's had some exhibitions at local galleries and stuff, and she's amazing. Great woman, my mother. Love her madly. And my dad? He's a wizard. He and Mum got divorced a while back but stayed best friends. They say they just woke up one day and the idea of having sex made them feel queasy (at which point I yelled at them and said, "Not half as queasy as it's making me feel, you tactless old gits!"). BUT, they got back together this summer, which is... wel, GREAT! Very weird, but great. Dad's an Auror. I don't know much about his job, actually... Caroline gets ridiculously excited, like he's some sort of wizarding James Bond, but I know that now things are relatively peaceful, the Aurors just get the shit tasks like doing speeches in schools about how 'Underage Magic Is Wrong!' and stuff like that. Poor guy. Heh!

School... yes... I love it! I was Head Boy last year and I got top-grade N.E.W.T.s in Charms, Defence, Potions, Astronomy, Transfiguration and History (Fran and Caroline say I'm masochistic. *shrugs* What can I say? I just like learning things!), but I applied for special permission to stay on for another two years and do another set of N.E.W.T.s, because of Noel. And it's not just me being a silly sappy fool when I say I can't live without him, it's just the truth. It's a Bond. We got separated once before and... well, that's over now, and I don't want to talk about it. I'll just say I can't be away from him, and we'll leave it at that. :) This year, I'm doing the first year of N.E.W.T.s in Ancient Runes, CoMC, Muggle Studies, Arithmancy, and Advanced Charms. Charms is my biggest passion (I mean, regarding lessons... Noel is my biggest passion, of course :D), and I want to go into research when I leave here. Write new charms and stuff. That'd be incredible. Change the world, you know? I suppose everybody wants to change the world.

So. This is my life. Treat it well.


*I am not Christian Bale. I am merely using photos of him to represent a fiction role playing character which I play at hogwarts03