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[30 Dec 2003|01:59pm]
[ mood | sore ]


My cousin is the world's biggest bitch. And yet I seem to have infinite patience with her. o.O Caroline's raging, she's so ready to maim and kill, but I mostly feel sorry for her/worried about her. The kid needs help. Seriously. There's stuff going on under that red hair that I really don't understand. SHE NEEDS HELP.

Exception to the not-wanting-to-kill: she scared Noel. I hate her for scaring him like that. I thought she was getting over this teenage-angst rubbish, especially with what happened to us before summer, but obviously not.


ANYWAY! Happier! Christmas! Thank you so much for the gifts, I love everybody. :D Dad's next job is off in Spain, so Noel and I are going with him on January 1st for a mini-holiday. Just a few days, then we'll come back for school when he starts work. So, TACKY TOURISTY GIFTS FOR EVERYONE! I'm awful at buying presents, but crappy tourist-trash is always fun. :) Plastic chattering teeth, and those horrible troll-things to top pencils, and t-shirts with 'My Roomie Went To Malaga And All The Bastard Bought Me Back Was This Fucking Ugly Shirt' written across the boobs. :D

Hope everybody's having a good holiday. SEE YOU SOON!

Now going to kick Mum's arse on Mariokart. :D!!!


[10 Dec 2003|02:33am]
[ mood | tired ]

Tired. Happy. :) I was going through some History stuff with a few of the first years in the common room and it was suddenly one o'clock. O.O So, I feel bad for keeping them all up late, they're going to be knackered tomorrow morning, but I think it was definitely worth it. If only for purely selfish reasons. :D They like listening to me. I don't know, that just feels good considering I've pretty much got it stuck in my head that teaching pre-Hogwarts kids is what I want to do when I'm finished here. Charms is still my big thing, but it's just my best school subject, doesn't mean I have to stick with it forever.

I intended to be finished with the tutoring stuff by eleven at the latest so I'd have time to work on the next bit of my Muggle Studies project but NOOO, I'm still working on it. I'm way ahead of where I'm supposed to be, so it doesn't have to be done, but I'm setting higher wordcount-targets for myself because... um, because I'm a big silly Ravenclaw geek? Yeah. :D And, besides, it's a detailed analysis of Muggle pop culture and reality television, so I want to write a bit every week after each show. This week's work is sort of turning into a bitchy rant about how what should be good, entertaining television is being cheapened by the fact that its audience is obviously BLIND AND DEAF AND FUCKING STUPID and they're the ones who determine who stays on. >.< Which is Wrong, I can't write that. So. WORK.

(Prathers is now a Will Young fan. I feel ridiculously accomplished. :D)

All right. ENOUGH TIME-WASTING! I want to get a bit of sleep tonight...

OH, one last thing... Mr. Whisker's poo-habits are getting disturbing. He's pooing ever closer to my piano. You know I love the scrawny little thing to death, but I will not have cat-poo on my Bösendorfer. Clear? :D Gah, but he's so cute. Damn those big pleading eyes, I can't be mad at him. Just need to strengthen the protection charms. My cats are trained not to go near it because it makes me twitchy and that freaks them out. :)


[23 Nov 2003|04:40am]
[ mood | scared ]


I feel really silly and grown-up. "Aw, look at the little teenagers having fun and getting pissed out of their skulls!"


No, seriously... YAY for the Gryffindor win! And I'm glad everybody's celebrating. There's been enough misery in this place to last us all for a good long while. It's just weird. I think I'm becoming a recluse. o.O Something wrong with that. Well, okay, not at all wrong, because I'm with Noel all the time -- but, I'm abandoning this journal thing, and not spending enough time with my friends.

Eh. Must fix that! I'm going ice cream shopping, girls, ready for whatever night you're free & bored & hungry. <3! Martine: that's great news! But you don't need me to tell you that. :) Love you madly much.

...silly. >.<Collapse )


[16 Nov 2003|03:55pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]


Bloody Quidditch. Stupid bloody flying. :-/ I did TRY to watch, Christian says the best way to kick a phobia is to face up to it, but I was near hyperventilating by five minutes in, I thought I was going to pass out. >.< So, I chickened out and came back inside. And Noel looked after me, made me feel loads better. ;) Until... yeah, you know.

Of course, McGregor's been mostly looking after Mo all night and day, so it's been down to me and a couple of other medical students to watch over the rest of them. Everyone's doing okay, I think. Well, except Gilliam, but that's not my problem. He's right down the other end of the ward, it's not my section. Actually, when I think about it, I'm pretty sure his bed was accidentally left out when we split up the duties...

Eh. It's all right, someone'll get around to him eventually.

Huh. Feel terrible. Should be fixing him up, really. Yes, he's a shit and deserves double what he got, but Healers aren't allowed to discriminate like this. Need to eat, I've not eaten all day. Then. I don't know. Yeah. I should fix the breaks. I'm tempted to let the pain stay, but that's not right, either. Unprofessional, you know? Just. EH.

Oh, sod it. I need tea. Tea helps me think. :)


[31 Oct 2003|04:31pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

No one's at the door
You suggest a ghost
perhaps a phantom
I agree with this in part
Something is with us
I can't put my
finger on --
is Thumbalina size 10
on a Wednesday --


If my piano becomes a giant ham sandwich again, I'm going to kill. Don't think for a single second that I'm joking. And I'm a Ravenclaw and a medimagic student, I know how to make it look like an accident.


That said, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Nick's re-enactment of his botched beheading was really creeping out some of the little ones (and the Bloody Baron's in a really pissy mood, he keeps floating through people on purpose and it's not nice AT ALL), so Noel and Adie and I took them off this afternoon, made a magical campfire in one of the empty classrooms, and passed a story around, adding bits with each person. :) It turned a bit mad. I need to write it up, it's great!

MusingCollapse )

Really looking forward to the feast, but I don't know what we're doing about costumes yet. Will Scarlet/Robin Hood seems to be kind of popular, but I HATE WEARING TIGHTS!

Going to check my Chocolate Frogs stash now (I think Noel's been stealing them :D), then go nosy about the castle and see what everyone's up to.

[24 Oct 2003|01:52pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Owl for CiarCollapse )


Now running around like a mad thing to chase the young ones who didn't show up to their tutoring sessions, the little gits, then Runes!

Prathers is being Reluctant about this whole Pop Idol thing for Muggle Studies. She just doesn't understand. Caroline's sending me some videos, I'm going to try and convince her! :)


[13 Oct 2003|02:27pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Very random, but I just feel like saying it because of recent Things:

I love you all, and I know none of you have ever doubted it for a second, because that'd make you stupid and I don't love stupid people.


There, I'm done.


CoMC next. I don't know what I'm doing for my big N.E.W.T. project yet, I'm still re-learning all the basics from my O.W.L. lessons, 'cause they were so long ago. I want it to be something to do with horses, I think, because I've got (Muggle) horses anyway. A load of people in my class say they're interested in unicorns, but they're out because they don't seem to like anybody who's not a female virgin, which is... well. Yeah. :) Wouldn't feel comfortable with a project on centaurs either, firstly 'cause they're not really creatures, they're too smart for that, and also because I'm so thick with Divination and I'm a bit scared of 'em. :D Thestrals, maybe, only then I'd just be thinking about Cathy the whole time, and... eh. I don't know.

Ooh, but I remember when I went home for Easter last year (year-year, not school-year), Dad had to get some people out to the house because there was a stranded tadfoal in our lake. No idea where its mother was. It was a right mad-looking little thing... I dunno, that could be fun. I'll think on it some more, and talk to Zoormand. *nods*

I'm in Muggle Studies now. IT'S GREAT! I'm doing what Ciar did for this term's project and making it all about music. I don't have to compose anything (I'm rubbish at that, though I'm pretty good at huge long wanky rock-out jazz improvisations when I'm in the right mood... :D), but it's basically just me showing off a lot, which is fun. HEE!

Prathers: Play that Rachmannywotsit thing again, Will!
Me: Of course, Professor. *plays*
Prathers: Ohwow, this is beautiful.
Me: :D!!!

Because Muggle music is better than wizard music. *nods*

Speaking of Muggle music, I need to owl Caroline and get her to tape POP IDOL for me!

Eh. If I were any Gayer, I'd be a summer Pride parade with pink ribbons in my hair.


OOH! IDEA! Prathers has got that crappy old black and white TV in her classroom for when she's doing stuff about Muggle entertainment... maybe I can convince her to get widescreen, colour, surround sound, and let me change my project to a detailed analysis of Muggle pop culture and reality television!



Going to ask her now.


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[10 Sep 2003|03:09pm]
[ mood | happy ]

No love, no friendship can cross the path of our destiny without leaving some mark on it forever.

...MARTINE!Collapse )


Now, Charms tutoring for some of the third years. WOO! I could get used to this... I was all set on doing Charms research when I leave here, but I dunno, I really love teaching.

I'll think about it. It's not like I have to make any decisions really soon. :-)

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[08 Sep 2003|03:11pm]
[ mood | happy ]

It was Noel's birthday yesterday, so Mum and Dad came up to Hogsmeade and took us out for dinner, and... it was so weird, it almost felt like a double date, now they're back together. That's kind of warped. :D But, seriously, it was brilliant, we had such a great time. MISS THEM ALREADY!

And...Collapse )

Next? MARTINE! Dunno what to get for her... must grill Eveline for ideas!

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[05 Sep 2003|01:53pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

I have a non-sexual crush on Professor Lanscrone. She's like my IDOL. She's brilliant, she's a goddess, I love her! She fixed my hair, I'm back to all my dark, brooding, masculine glory! ...or something like that. Yeah. :D

And, I had an interesting talk with Fiennes yesterday evening.

DetailsCollapse )

It's 'cause he fancies my mum. He thinks being nice to me will increase his chances of getting a shag. :D No, I'm just kidding. I've known him forever, he used to go to school with Dad. Fiennes is great.

...I'm getting ice-cream, girls, we need a moving-in party. *GRIN*

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Personal Tutoring News [04 Sep 2003|01:23am]
[ mood | organised ]

My timetableCollapse )

I'll be starting up personal tutoring again next week. Let's get everybody settled in over this week, and the weekend, and then we can all start work properly, right?

Stuff I can help with:

Up to N.E.W.T.-level:

* Astronomy
* Charms
* Defence Against the Dark Arts
* History of Magic
* Potions
* Transfiguration

Up to O.W.L.-level:

* Ancient Runes
* Arithmancy
* Care of Magical Creatures
* Muggle Studies

Stuff I can't help with:

* Divination
* Herbology

Stuff I refuse to even contemplate thinking about trying to help with:

* Quidditch (It's for your own safety. And my sanity.)

Also piano-lessons! I know I've promised them to Dylan. Anybody else wants to try it, you're very welcome. PIANO IS BETTER THAN GUITAR, let's prove it through quantity and drown out Adie. :D

So, yeah. Just like last year and the year before, let me know if there's something you're struggling with and grab a box quick from the timetable up there (gah, I feel so exclusive... *grin*) so we can try and get it sorted out right away. If there are too many schedule-clashes, evenings and weekends are cool, too. I'm doing five subjects this year instead of six, so I'll have all this spare time at weekends and I won't know what to do with it, 'cause I'm so used to using it for extra lessons because I'm a big bloody Ravenclaw swot. :D


There, prefect-y stuff over. Let the fun begin:


Although I'm missing Ciar, of course... so weird to not have him around, after seven years of sharing a room with him. The boys I'm rooming with now are... well... well, they're wankers, actually. No, that's mean. They're nice enough, I suppose, but I don't know them very well, they're all close, like their own little clique, and they're a bit immature, and one of them seems to have a large problem with my Gay ("You're not gonna... you know... watch me get undressed or follow me into the shower, are you? 'Cause that's not cool, man... I don't mind that you're gay, but you'd best not be coming on to me, 'cause that's not cool, not cool at all... my arse is a no-entry zone, just want you to understand that..." o.O Question: are all heterosexual males so bloody arrogant? Does he assume that all straight girls are going to want wild dirty sex with him just because they have compatible sexualities? Prat...), so I'm not sure what I'm going to do. Maybe I'll be allowed to room with the 6th-year girls. :D Martine, Eveline, would you object to me commandeering the spare bed in your room? They might let me, I dunno... they can't use the, "But it's improper!" argument, 'cause I'm really not going to try and have sex with the girls, am I? :-) Or maybe I could get my own room. There are loads in the Ravenclaw wing, I know that for a fact because one was offered to me last year when they made me Head Boy, but I turned it down because it was such a laugh rooming with Ciar.

(And my own room = undisturbed Noel-cuddling... :D)

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[01 Sep 2003|12:44pm]
[ mood | weird ]

Uhm. I feel Weird. Lots of things.

1. Adie is studying Arithmancy at a higher level than me. This is Weird. *grin* Oh, and I must taunt him about the WW cover. Putting that at the top of the list... :D

2. Caroline made me let her dye my hair. o.O Mum says it's nice, and Noel likes it, but I feel like an A-grade wanker. Think I'll have to make a habit of wearing my school hat 24/7. >.< I'd fix it with magic, but she did it the Muggle way and you can't mix the two if you don't want all your hair to fall out.

BAH! Sisters. >.< Feel like such a girl... wonder whether any of the professors know how to fix it?

3. My parents are back together. Uhm.

Read more...Collapse )

4. It'll be Strange not sleeping with Ciar any more.


...I SO didn't mean for that to sound the way it did.

You know what I mean.

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[10 Aug 2003|12:32pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Mum's exhibition was GREAT! Except the part where I discovered the pictures she'd taken of me and Noel when we didn't know she was there. >.<

...not like that! I mean, there were a couple of us messing about on the rope swing over the lake, and grooming the horses, and one of Noel which she's said I could have, because it's the weirdest picture I've ever seen in all my life.

See?Collapse )

Not weird, exactly.... just so different. When we got the tickets to the Weird Sisters concert a few weeks ago, Caroline went crazy and insisted on giving him a makeover so she didn't feel like a loner getting all excited and glammed-up on her own. :D

Hah. I have the gorgeousest boyfriend in the world. :-P

Right. Sandwich-duty now, I think. Can't have my friends starving to death, and -- JOY!! -- it's too cold for ice cream, now. This is the best weather. When it's warm but the wind is cold, and it's really cloudy. Proper Yorkshire weather! You can't ride over the moors in the blazing sun, it just feels so inherently wrong.

AND! It's kicking-out day tomorrow, 'cause Mum and Dad are taking the whole family on holiday, so who's got ideas for what to do on our last night? Videos and junk-food and crappy embarrassing party games like I've Never or Truth & Dare? Or going out dancing again? Or casting charms against the weather and sleeping out under the stars?

Finn, you said something about the horses... d'you want to take one out? I can show you around if you like. :-)

Anyone else?

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[08 Aug 2003|07:45am]
[ mood | happy ]

Ugh, god. Hangover! I feel like a real adult! :D Where's that potion?

AND! You... bunch of sexual deviants, you should've seen the look on Mum's face when she came into my room to drop off a pile of ironed shirts and saw chocolate cock rings and inflatable sheep-shaped love dolls (thank you, Adie. I'll treasure it) there on the dresser!! Okay, it's my fault for not hiding it. But it's your fault for bringing your trash into my house! Perverts!


It's all right, I'm just kidding about... once she got over the momentary shock, she cracked up laughing and told me to have a good night. Which was very nice of her, I thought. :D

(I, er, did.)

Best birthday ever? Oh, yes.

And the Noelybear got me Tori tickets, and I didn't know it was possible for me to love him any more than I did, but OHMYGOD!!!


! ! ! ! !Collapse )


And lots of BRILLIANT medimagic books from Fran and Christian, and clothes from Caroline 'cause she's writing fashion for the Prophet now (I think I look poncy, but Noel says it's good, so YAY!), and FUCK ALL from Richard, which is the best birthday present ever (I'm serious!), AND! Dad says next half-term holiday in October, he's taking me and Noel to Italy for a week. He's joking and saying it's going to be a wild week of drinking away from the nagging women, but... HAH! My dad, wild? :D No, seriously, it'll be great. There's so much to do there, I've always wanted to go.

Everybody else -- thank you for the presents! Love you, and them, madly!

Going into York now... you can hang about at home if you like, or come into town and help set up Mum's exhibition. Then I'll buy you all dinner, yes? Hope you all like pizza...


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[05 Aug 2003|08:23am]
[ mood | happy ]

Having SO MUCH FUN! It's a real shame Eirlys can't come, but just about everyone else is here except the McCloys, and they'll be here soon (Ciar's got to work so he'll only be here for a day... must get over to Ireland now I've got my crossing-water Apparition license, and see him play). Adie and Eveline are coming today, I think. Or tomorrow, can't remember. They've been playing in Latvia, I got a drunken Floo call from Adie last night and the only things I managed to decipher from the slurring were 'vodka' and 'pussy'. So, this sensitive homosexual got all panicky and hit him with the poker until he rephrased and told me they've found an ugly gorgeous stray kitten and they're bringing it to see me. YAY!

Speaking of cats, I think mine are scared of all the people! They're not used to crowds. Heathcliff and Darcy and Rochester and Austen are all right 'cause they live at Hogwarts most of the year anyway.

Heathcliff's still camera-shy, but LOOK!

Darcy and RochesterCollapse )

AustenCollapse )

And the rest of them!Collapse )

Pippin and Mozart and George on the left there, and Elton and Brandon (Darcy and Rochester's daddy!) and Berowne and Marianne (Darcy and Rochester's mum!) on the right. The beautiful one in the middle is called, um, Bastard. Because he's Caroline's, and Caroline has the weirdest sense of humour. :D

(She pulled me to one side after dinner yesterday and said she thinks Finn and Dylan are the most beautiful things on the face of the planet, and if their love wasn't so obvious she'd have a hard time deciding which of them to lust over first. :D Thought you might like to know!)

Right! It's boiling again today (whatever happened to traditional English weather?!), so I'm halfheartedly trying to put a waves charm on the lake so it's like the beach, but it's just TOO HOT to concentrate.

...and Mum is a goddess. GYAH! WHO WANTS LEMONADE? And ice! Lots of ice!

Working on a rough itinerary as well. Thoughts on going into York tonight, anyone? Caroline and I know some great clubs, and this is supposed to be a party! :D

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[03 Aug 2003|07:34pm]
[ mood | excited ]

YAY! Dylan and Finn are here! I put them in one of the bedrooms in the east wing, 'cause there's a really great ensuite bathroom which I know they'll appreciate -- and because it's far enough away from the other bedrooms that any Noises won't disturb anybody. :-) Silencing charms are a bit dodgy in this house... they work all right, but they don't always hold. Something to do with its age, it just kind of absorbs magic, rather than letting it stay where it's placed... it's really interesting, actually (for a charms-boffin like me, anyway), so I think I'm going to ask about studying it in more depth next year. I got the highest score in my Charms N.E.W.T. since Filius Flitwick (!!!!!), so I reckon I'll get my Professorship by the time I'm twenty. HURRAH! I don't want to teach -- at least not right away, because there's so much I want to do for myself first, all this charms research stuff, writing new charms, things like that -- but it'll be a nice thing to have anyway. For the future, you know.

...that was a Tangent. Sorry. :-) Where was I?

Yes. Bedrooms. I'm spreading everybody out. BUT, there won't be any problems about getting lost, or taking half an hour to get down for breakfast, 'cause Dad had an internal Floo system installed when he was still living here. And, of course, we can all camp out in the (*retch*) ballroom, if we want to be together. Have sleepovers. We're such boarding-school-children. :-)

Okay, on the entertainment front: I won't be seeing Frances and Christian again until we go on holiday next week, so they gave me a DVD player for an early birthday present. WOO! So, we have that. And swimming in the lake... I don't think we're going to have the energy (or the inclination :D) to do anything but laze about in the water, because it's SO DAMN HOT. And the horses. I know Finn has horses, and of course Martine, if she comes. Aaaaand... I promised Dylan piano lessons ages ago, so we could get started on those. :-) The pubs and clubs in York, too... we could be awful and sneaky and feed Noel some Aging Potion so he looks old enough to get in (honorable intentions, I swear! ...or not. He is ludicrously Hot when he's older...) Oh, and Mum's got another exhibition starting on Friday, so we could go and help her set up, then hang around the town all day. Go shopping, visit the dungeons and all the old Viking places. The wizarding Viking places, not the rubbish the Muggles get so excited about.

Heh, I'm stupidly bouncy about all this. Can you tell? :-P

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[02 Aug 2003|02:32am]
[ mood | content ]

I dunno how many people are actually planning on coming tomorrow (Adie and Eveline, for instance, are coming in a couple of days after the Latvia dates), but we've got a load of rooms ready if anybody shows. The past few weeks have been loads of fun; Mum said she was sick of us sitting around being lazy and anti-social, so she put us to work renovating old bits of the house. We've been meaning to get it done for years but just never got round to it. Most of it's just been shifting old things from one part of the house to another. :-) A couple of rooms in the west wing and most of the attic now look like antique shops or museums... full of old stuff I refuse to call 'junk' because it's so interesting. Hundred-year-old love letters. I feel guilty reading those, but I'm too nosy to resist. *grin* Old sepia photographs and diaries and newspapers and GAH! We've lost whole days in this family history stuff. It's great.


Kills my eyes, though. >.< I'm going to ask Christian to take a look at me, and fix it if there's anything wrong, 'cause I don't really see the point in wearing glasses when I there are two excellent mediwizards in the family. :-)

'Kay, I'm off to bed, now. Noel's passed out already. He and Caroline were having Mario Kart tournaments all night, then she chased him all over the house to tickle him into submission when he beat her, then we 'Went To Bed'... he's tired. :-) He's so cute, he's all blushy and smily and I love him, but everybody knows that anyway.

'Night, all.


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N.E.W.T.s!!! [31 Jul 2003|02:41pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I think I'm going into 'horrendously smug bastard' mode, and must be kissed out of it. *grin*

The not-surprises: A in Defence, Potions, Astronomy and History!
Surprise #1: A IN TRANSFIGURATION?!?! Wow. Looking at the grade breakdown thingy, I only just scraped that by a single mark, and it's all on the strength of my coursework and exam essays because I was two marks off getting a B for the practical (ouch >.< I hate C grades. >.<), but I DON'T CARE! Because, I got A!!
Surprise #2: A* in Charms, of course. BUT! I got 492% in the final exam! I only got 367% in the mock. Just lucky, I suppose, that the essay was mostly about Fidelius and the practical mostly about the Patronus. They're two of my strongest bits in my strongest subject, so YAY!

So... yeah. I'm feeling very Good about myself now. :-)

Wonder if anyone got Prefect letters with their results? I did. Can't be Head Boy any more, because I'm going back to sixth year, so I've been demoted to head Ravenclaw prefect. That's all cool with me. Wonder who my new boss is, though? Better be someone reeeaaally good. After all, they've got some Huge Smug Wanker shoes to fill, haven't they?

Right. Mum's nagging at me to stop fussing about with the computer and tell her my results, so I'd better go. We're going into York in a bit, she says she's going to take me and Noel on a Celebratory Shopping Spree (women. >.<) because we're both in desperate need of new clothes. So... YAY, I suppose!

(Clandestine changing-room snogging, WOO!)


[15 Jul 2003|01:08am]
[ mood | happy ]

Hah. I've been faaaaar too busy to write in my journal. I have Noel, I have a ridiculously large house with a stupid number of bedrooms, I have a healthy seventeen-year-old boy's lust, and best of all, THERE IS NO PROFESSOR WARNER!


All right, I'm exaggerating. How much sex I'm getting is nobody's business but mine and Noel's, anyway. :-P Although you should try telling that to Mum and Caroline. >.<

Mum: Who was shouting at four o' clock this morning?
Caroline: I don't know, Mum. Do you think someone was in pain?
Mum: I don't think so. He seemed awfully happy about whatever was being done to him.
Caroline: Oh, it was a 'him'?
Mum: I think so. Why don't we ask Will and Noel?
Me: MUM!
Noel: *dying*
Caroline: *cracks up laughing*
Noel: Mockery is just another form of jealousy, Caroline. *nods*
Caroline: I don't want to have noisy sex with Will, thank you very much.
Me: *runs away*

Gyah, sisters... >.<

No, but really... we're having a lot of fun. I mean, fun that doesn't involve tearing off his clothes and licking every inch of his skin. ;-) He loves the horses, and Mum says the next foal can be his. WOO! We take Kalsi and Árdís out by turns because he doesn't feel ready to ride alone yet (and, yes, I'm still being a bit clingy... not that he minds. :D) Kalsi's my own and Árdís belongs to Frances, really, but of course she and Christian can't keep her with them in London. I think Noel's getting quite attached to her, anyway, so maybe she can be officially his for a while.

I have a load of letters to reply to... sorry for slacking, but it's all been a bit insane, with this rushing about all over the place to meet Dad back from the Flooport after his last job in South America, then dashing back and forth over Yorkshire between the two houses... insanity. Hurrah! Things are settling down a bit now, though. We're going to the Weird Sisters concert on Friday night in London -- Caroline has fancied Kirley for about eight years now, so she was first in line to buy tickets even though she's a Muggle. *grin* Mum's coming too... says she wants to catch up on the Gossip with Catriona, but I reckon she's really just another fangirl. :D

What else? Ooh, we're going on holiday with Dad from the 9th to the 23rd of August! It'll be bloody insane... me, Noel, Caroline, Fran, Christian, the Babies, Aileen, Ellie if she wants to, and my divorced parents, sharing a couple of tents in the middle of the French countryside. It'll be horrible. HORRIBLE! (I can't wait. *bounce!*)

Aaaaand before that, MY BIRTHDAY! That's August 7th, a Thursday, so Mum says she's packing away all delicate ornaments on the Saturday before, the 2nd, and calling an open house for a week.


Are you hearing this? OPEN HOUSE. Not only that, but an open house, with permission to hold an eighteenth birthday party.

More details later, if we decide on any, but I think it's pretty concrete... turn up anytime you like after the 2nd, stay as long as you want until we go off to France on the 9th, and prepare to get well and truly sloshed on the 7th. :-) We've plenty of bedrooms, so let me know if you'll want a double. Which most of you will, I know. It'll be so great, we can go into York and I'll show you 'round all the old Viking stuff (not the crappy Muggle parts, I mean the real parts... there were some right nutty Viking wizards, I tell you). And bring swimsuits, the lake's really good in the summer.

(Ooh, and if I catch anyone at all perving at my mum in her swimsuit, don't think I can't hold your head underwater and hit it with rocks... :D)

...think that's it, for now. MISSING YOU ALL! Mo's party seems like so long ago. :-)

And, I'll reply to letters tomorrow. Caroline videod the entire Fame Academy series before Christmas, and I still have half to get through.


I'm not ashamed of my GMPs.


(Okay, my verdict so far? Sinead is a girl and I Still Would. >.< Malachi's voice does unspeakable things to my teenage libido. And Ainslie. OHGOD, Ainslie. Good thing this is a laptop computer. ;D)

(And, no, this is not cheating on Noel. It's like Mum says. "Being on a diet doesn't mean you're not allowed to look at the menu." *dies laughing* No, I'm kidding... anybody I need to defend myself to about Noel isn't worth our time anyway. So there. :-P)

(Yes, I'm still in love. Yes, I'm happier than I've ever been. This is a Good summer. *nods*)

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>. [27 Jun 2003|02:11am]
[ mood | embarrassed ]

If anyone wants me, tough bloody luck. I'm hiding out in the dorm until something ball-tighteningly embarrassing happens to someone else.

Don't think I can't Obliviate each and every one of you who's seen that picture. You know I'm good with charms...

Gah. I didn't even know Noel had taken that. Pervy little git. Gah. I love him. Maybe I will leave the dorm... take photos of his bum and give them to Dylan... it's a surefire way of spreading them around the whole school before the night's out... *grin*

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